We understand and recognize the importance of women contribution in the work. We are committed to ensuring women will also have the opportunity to build a rewarding career. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s a business issue that will affect our bottom line. Our livelihood is dependent upon a diverse set of talented people and we know that six people with different ideas are more valuable than sixty people who all think the same.

We will make efforts to ensure that women represent reasonable proportionate of our workforce at the recruitment level, a number which will continues to grow each year. Efforts will be made to help women climb the corporate ladder, we know we will need to do more.

To address these issues, we will form some groups that advises on the ways to improve the situation. Our firms will invest time and resources in initiatives which will focus on our female talent. We will take initiatives and will bring distinctive experience which we aim to provide our people—by focusing on enhancing their value, sharing and collaborating, and investing in teams and relationships.