Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

As a professional services firm and employer, it is our wish and our responsibility to make a positive difference to the world. We aim to make a significant social and economic contribution, including minimising effects on the environment. Corporate Responsibility will be central to our values which will guide our actions and the way we will make decisions. This includes the way we will manage our business in an ethical manner to create tangible value for all our stakeholders. It’s about making a difference to our people and to business and society more broadly. Through the business decisions that we will make and by combining the diverse talents of our people, we are committed to making this happen. We will consider at the core of its business a social responsibility to its people and to the communities in which it operates. We have ambitions to be a leader in society: to play a positive and active role tackling the needs and opportunities in the wider community within which we work. We each have an opportunity and a responsibility to make a difference and that we can help encourage and focus that impact. We will strive to make corporate responsibility part of our business strategy to foster long-term success. All of us have some common values which connect the people together across cultures, customs, and languages, and along with the ethical principles of which one is “responsibility to society”, which define the way business is and will be conducted around the globe. We fully appreciate that our everyday business activities affect not only our own organization but society more widely, both through our actions and through the actions of those we do business with. We also recognise that preserving the trust and confidence of our clients and the public will be critical to our sustained success. That is why we intend to create a culture that will be underpinned by our commitment to doing the right thing. This commitment will be key to our business operations and will drive our development of an approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) that will be fully integrated with our business strategy.